Competition Rules and Participation Requirements for Each Candidate

Clevenard Pageant: Welcome to the captivating world of the Clevenard Beauty Pageant, where beauty becomes a powerful tool for social impact and change. Our pageant program is not just a competition; it’s a platform dedicated to promoting awareness, education, and societal transformation through our young women.

Our Vision and Mission:At Clevenard, we aspire to initiate meaningful conversations, influence attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs by harnessing the power of an online modeling competition.

Through this dynamic platform, we aim to:
a) Promote Awareness: We strive to raise awareness about pressing societal issues that demand our attention.

b) Educate the Public: Our platform serves as an educational resource, fostering a deeper understanding of these issues.

c) Influence Change: By tapping into the strength of public opinion, we seek to drive shifts in political will and influence global decision-makers.

d) Diverse Awareness Strategies: We leverage diverse strategies to convey and amplify messages, ensuring a multifaceted approach.

Competition Rules and Participation Requirements: Our competition is open to passionate women aged 15 to 40, divided into three groups: Group A (15-18), Group B (18-30) and Group C (30-40) regardless of marital status.

The competition unfolds exclusively online, within the Clevenard Platform, fostering a digital community united by purpose.

To join the movement:
a) Registration: Aspiring models should register on and, where they can create profiles and upload recent photos.

b) Engage through Blogging: Contestants share their voices, videos presentations by blogging about themselves, their countries, and various vital topics on the Clevenard blog.

c) Advocacy Through Blogging: Models express their unique perspectives on subjects such as tourism, fashion, beauty, and national development.

d) Votes as Voices: Votes are cast through likes, views, and comments on each model’s profile page, transforming audience engagement into powerful advocacy.

e) Visual Storytelling: Models receive personalized videos to share on their Clevenard user accounts, where the likes and comments received contribute to their votes.

f) Online Form Submission: A model’s journey culminates with the submission of an online modeling competition form.

Transparency and Professionalism: Our commitment to transparency and professionalism drives the Clevenard Beauty Pageant experience. Notable aspects include:

a) Private Voting Results: Candidates can privately access their voting results after the pageant concludes.

b) Jury Engagement: Strict guidelines prohibit jury interaction to ensure impartiality, transparency, and fairness.

c) Strategic Marketing: We design marketing posters and publicity materials to amplify sign-ups, comments, and interactions.

d) Ongoing Engagement: Candidates are empowered through continuous communication, motivating them for weekly online voting.

e) Data Dissemination: When candidates register, they agree to share their biographies, photos, and videos for responsible dissemination.

f) Third-Party Usage: Candidates acknowledge that their information may be used by third parties for commercial and professional purposes.

Championing a Global Impact: This commitment extends internationally, with organizational values aligned with global principles. We adhere to personal data protection laws, processing personal information in compliance.

Candidates can request edits or deletions, emphasizing their control over their digital presence.

Enduring Commitment: Winners stand as beacons of change, committing to a minimum one-year representation contract upon the pageant’s conclusion. There are no territorial limits; our vision transcends borders. For those interested in utilizing participants’ image, name, or video rights, consultation with the Miss Clevenard Pageant organizer is essential.

A Brighter Tomorrow, Together: The Miss Clevenard Pageant is more than a competition; it’s a transformational journey for candidates and a platform to catalyze positive change. We’re here to redefine beauty’s narrative and create lasting societal impact. Let’s champion a world of beauty with purpos5