Clevenard Beauty Pageant

Clevenard pageant seeks to promote, create awareness, educate the publics and spread information on societal issues with the aim of influencing their attitudes, behaviors and beliefs through an online modelling competition.

We also want to use the power of public opinion, in support of an issue to influence the political will of global decision makers thereby creating a multiple awareness strategies that can be used to convey and spread messages and gather the necessary support to influence public opinion on world Tourism and societal development.


About The Pageant

At Clevenard, we believe in the power of influence and advocacy for societal development. The Miss Clevenard Online  pageant  Competition is an innovative initiative designed to empower aspiring models while spreading awareness on critical societal issues. Our mission is to foster positive change by harnessing public opinion and inspiring global decision-makers to support causes that matter.

The competition, exclusively hosted on, promises to be a captivating and influential event.

A revolutionary initiative that celebrates diversity, unity, and positive change. Join us as we break barriers and empower communities worldwide through beauty, fashion, culture, and tourism. Together, we’ll create a harmonious blend of talents and ideas, making a lasting impact for generations to come. Be a part of this transformative journey towards a brighter, more interconnected world!

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